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    I think it will come down to finding a good (friendly / helpful) guild to fool around with

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    Valeo wrote:
    I think the point is that nostalgia is just that - nostalgia; you can't re-live it because the context of your life is now different.
    From what I've seen since beta started it's going to be a hell of a lot more fun than BFA, that's all I'm looking for. It's not necessarily about trying to recapture the nostalgia, it's just that vanilla WoW is an amazing MMO.

    If you don't have time to play because of kids / work / whatever, then sure you're not going to have as much fun as you had back in the day.

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    Will still prob get back into it. Reading all the reviews is hitting me in the feels. Those days of playing with my friends and walking everywhere absorbing the world was rad.

    In another note more gold farmers will be employed, everyone wins...

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    Any mention of servers yet? Would be good to have some OCE Servers

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    there will be OCE servers, not many, probably 2-4, pvp, pve, maybe pvp-rp/pve-rp.

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    should just have 2 max pop ones for a jolly good time.

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    I'm so looking forward to having to carry arrows around again as a hunter, didn't start playing until BC came out so pumped to see how hard the game was back then compared to now.

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    I really think that WoW is one of the best games ever!

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    hi guys, can i join?

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    Ermagard hai Metz \o/

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    Anyone else plan on no-lifing classic on release.

    I started late Vanilla, about 4-5 months before TBC released.
    Playing at a net-cafe after school and weekends. Took 7 months to get my first toon to lvl 70.

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