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    Playing a Prot Warrior. Iprobably could have hit 60 last night, just over 1/2 a level to go now, but took a break, should nail it tonight with ease. Sitting at 9 or so days played...
    Raid hype is starting to get real, and ive already got 4 bits of my Pre-Raid BiS. Dungeon farming for loot is tedious, but exciting. Got my Hand of Justice from Angerforge a couple days ago.
    Time to head into Scholo/Strat/LBRS/UBRS and get some real griding going.

    Also completed my B/S Armorsmithing journey. Still a ways off Epic mount (160 or 170 gold on hand currently), but once im 60 should start coming in relatively quickly.

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    haha wtf you people with 9 days played. been out 4 weeks? guess you don't have kids and can play in the weekend.

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    first week or two i definitely left game running to avoid queues, haven't had a queue in a while now though

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    queues aint shit anymore, 15 mins max during peak time

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    First MC Run today lads. about 50/50 Guild/PuG. Geddon was rough, but only 3 wipes to take him down. And on the kill, we were short 2 healers from when we started. Will see how we go for rest of raid.

    So far got 2 bits of loot. Sabatons of MIght and Drillborer Disk

    Still working on Onyxia Attune, so should hit that next reset.

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    Stimpy wrote:
    haha wtf you people with 9 days played. been out 4 weeks? guess you don't have kids and can play in the weekend.
    I am not sure about the speed bliz is rolling out content. DM comes out shortly and I haven't even hit 30.

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    A guy in my Guild has 2 lvl 60s already. Pretty sure both are Onyxia Attunned too. Working in my 2nd now, a Hunter, started last night.

    P2 does seem to be a little sooner than expected, but there are a large porion of people @ 60 already.

    Also back into MC Wednesday, picked up Eskhanders Right Claw. Pretty stoked, thats BiS Weap/Shield already.

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    How are yall going? Thinking I have peaked at lvl 43. Haven't played for about a week. Not got the motivation.
    Anyone else in same boat?

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    Yep hit 35 and got bored.

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    lvl 39, spent like two hours kerfuffling about in the badlands looking for the god damned buzzard assholes, the china bs was the last straw

    I'm now wow free, most likely never coming back

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    Still going. Guild plan on raiding MC in November. lvl46

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    Sverin wrote:
    Yep hit 35 and got bored.

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    lvl 46 still loving it

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    I hit level 32 and then my subscription ended. I haven't renewed it yet. No desire to at this stage.

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    I am finding a big part of whats keeping me playing casually is friends who are playing. If not for them I wouldn't be subscribed but I guess thats sort of the point.

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    9/10 clear of MC last night. Got Rag to 12% on first pull, 2nd pull was worse, then raid was called. Missed out on 3 pieces of Might gear, but all 3 of our War tanks have 3 or 4 epics each now from raids.

    Currently getting about 30 odd guildies per run, slowly filling the last few spots.

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    Is it worth it playing WOW? I've played once but i stopped cause it bugged out really bad while i was playing for the first time. Some friends still do play and said it's grindy.