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    Is this still around?

    Currently down, whose pet was it again?

    Do we need another if it's permanently offline?

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    Also Egor needs to have a look at the multi image upload on GP. Image uploader suggests you can upload multiple files (says File(s) and there's an empty array to handle them) but the selector doesn't have the multiple and when I appended it with multiple and selected them all it bombs on none of them being valid image files.

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    ^ I think it's the gym dude from down Fielding way, DJ Mystic?

    Heh, Egor; every time I see that name I think of the "absentee landlord" scene from The Devils Advocate

    Edit: ffs, why do shortened links never work on this f**king forum?!

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    Sweet, back up now. Looks like he's either seen this or realised.

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    Would rather DJ Mystic see my nudez than imgur.


    lol his name reminds me of this ol'tune

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    Yeah, Mystic owns iForce.

    I've found on my phone if I just push the "create link" button on any image it seemlessly uploads it to Google Drive and gives you a URL. Pretty sweet.

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    I use take me to space, if you configure integration with ShareX it works really well.