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    FYI: DNS routing fault for Spark and BigPipe (and other ISPs)

    Just FYI, there seems to be a DNS issue with a few ISPs (mainly Spark and BigPipe) at the moment. So you may be experiencing website not loading or loading very slowly.

    It seems to affect Spark the most. Set your DNS to and until they fixed it.

    You can follow the Geekzone thread if you want more information etc

    EDIT: Spark network rep has confirmed the fault and is checking it at the moment.

    EDIT 2: All fixed (At least for Spark)
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    ^ For those that might not know how to set DNS manually.

    Just remember to set it back once the issue has been resolved.
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    Thanks for this. Been having internet issues all night. Glad to know it's not just me.

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    Looks like its fixed now.

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    Didn't even notice, been using cloudflares for as long as i can remember them offering it.