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    Projector for home... on a budget

    Hey guys,

    Wife doesn't want to put a TV on the wall downstairs due to space issues so we have agreed upon getting a projector.

    Do you guys have any suggestions? I imagine we will have a Chromecast/Microsoft Display Adapter plugged into it to cast to the screen.

    It doesn't need to have bluetooth or anything like that since we will possibly pair a soundbar to the screen for it.

    Thanks guys

    Or if you have better suggestions how we could have a "home theatre" experience without smashing a TV or even having a TV on the wall, that'd be great.


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    I would have thought a projector would take more space than a wall mounted TV.

    VR headsets?

    How many people? Could get a pair of WMR devices for like $200 each.

    Stick a computer behind the couch, doesn't need to be a heavy performer if it's just playing movies. But could attach them to your gamer.

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    If you don't have much room does that mean you're going to need a short throw?

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    Is it going to be a dark room? I wouldn't expect cheap projectors to be much good in bright rooms? I'd just find the thinnest TV and use a slimline mount.