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    Where to buy HP laptop AC adapter ?

    Looking for a power adaptor /cord for this

    Assuming I know the adapter I need, anyone know any good places to buy from?

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    i bought mine from aliexpress and had no problem with it.

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    pretty sure I have one of these, should have the part number on it, will have a look. HP partsurfer isn't much help.

    edit - not the same, and not sure where the PSU is. Will keep looking

    Original part number is: 714635-850. Two options, can buy with the AC cord, or without:
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    Yep that's the one, cheers
    Hmmm would any 19.5v, 2.31a, 45w adaptor work?

    I eventually found it on HP partsurfer but shit it's expensive

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    Dont buy it from HP, PBtech have them or trademe.
    They are all intercompatable as long as you get the right tip and the same or higher amperage