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    Renting without property access.

    Not sure if the right sub forum.

    But basically the story is that I came home from Easter to find the shared driveway that accesses our property dug up inpassible with a trench running through it.
    I am now told that it will be 5 weeks before a new as various services are added and a new driveway is laid and that I should park on the street.

    It happens that my van was parked in our driveway (off the shared driveway is now blocked in and the motorbike I used to commute to work is also in the garage.

    I've requested a summary of work and also emailed the building company responsible for the subdivision to ask for further detail. So far these request have been ignored. So not sure what more I can do.

    Now the kicker to this is I've refused to move the van parked off the shared driveway on to our adjacent lawn, which they requested. As I have no understanding of the work being carried out, furthermore I'm intending to drive a different car to work, but parking costs are $43 (early bird in wynyard quarter, hence the motorbike). I feel I'm in my rights to bill the company for this since I'm being inconvenienced.
    Also I don't own this property and am only renting, but the landlord while concerned on the phone is reluctant to do anything.

    Couple of quick questions.
    1. Am I being unreasonable?
    2. Should I bill for parking or suck it up and bus to work? I don't feel I should bend over given they cant even tell me what's going on.
    3. Any other help, anyone know of ways to get this cleared up? Should I contact the council? Get a lawyer to draft a letter? Bill the landlord instead? All of the above or something else?

    Any thoughts? Cheers.

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    Jesus thats shit lol...Id be raging. Did they give you no notification of work?

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    Can't view the attachment, is there really no way to even get the motorbike in and out?

    I was under the impression that work in a shared driveway needed permission from all property owners to go ahead, at least that is what chorus said when doing fiber installation. If your landlord has actually given permission for the work then you should probably issue a 14 day notice , maybe you should do that either way as the property owner probably has more ability to get something done about it than you.

    If the access hasn't been fixed after the 14 days you then then apply to the tenancy tribunal for compensation. (this is assuming the driveway access is actually the property owners responsibility)
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    Equity: We were told that work would be happening about 2 weeks ago. On the Saturday 20th someone came around and advise the work would be happening on the Tuesday. I specifically asked how long this would be for and the response was for the day, with gravel until end of May until the new driveway was placed. Hence the shock coming back on Friday.

    Hype: Re-uped the attachment. Thanks for the link to the notice. Yeah I'm thinking I need to involve the landlord, he hasn't seemed to interest to date. Originally this was my thought that gravel would be inconvenient rather then inaccessible.

    General update: I got an email back today that was rather vauge but agreed to cover for my parking costs during days of "work"
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    Five weeks to put services in a trench? Someone is taking the piss i'd say.

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    Call worksafe and complain about an open trench.

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    Curious how you get to/from the property? Did they put in a walking-only bridge?

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    They can lay down a heavy metal plate to be used as a bridge over that.

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    teelo7 wrote:
    Curious how you get to/from the property? Did they put in a walking-only bridge?
    Walked up the side, the picture is probably worse than it looks as they have soil piled next to the trench.
    This trench has been covered, however we have had a void between the gravel and the concrete driveway.

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    call council development engineer and complaint about the development. They most likely need your permission (Written). Be as annoying as you can be.... our shared driveway was shyte for the last 16 month with our fire cut 2x by 2 different contractor.....

    The only solution was to complain to everyone (Auckland Council, worksafe, Auckland Transport) and just keep being a nuisance... finally they gave up and repaired the driveway....

    Demand that the contractor put an access to/from your property either via gravel base or a steel plate....

    Don't let these cowboys get away with it; if you do nothing, they will take all the time in the world to inconvenience you....

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    one_red_god wrote:
    Call worksafe and complain about an open trench.
    There's a cone bro

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    hamsap wrote:
    call council development engineer and complaint about the development. They most likely need your permission (Written).
    They need landlords permission, not tenants. Thats up to the landlord to complain, presuming they didn't give permission.

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    Update: Landlord has come back and is suitably unimpressed. As expected they were not aware of the work or the impact. They're now sorting it and are seeking a $100 per week rent reduction as well as my parking paid for. Seems like its now on the path to being sorted. Cheers Hype for the suggestion of compensation and a 14 day notice.