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    Subaru Legacy 1999 TX - Check Engine Light

    So I bought a $2000 Subaru recently -

    I've just started with DTSL here in Gisborne and we need to provide our own cars. This is all we could afford at the moment. The car wasn't mentioned to have any faults and I certainly didn't notice anything amiss when I took it for a test drive. Since having it, and driving it regularly. We have found 2 things not right. One of which was fixed today.

    1. Oil leak - Fixed at Eastland Toyota today (father in law is the service manager) Small oil leak from cam seals. These weren't replaced when the cambelt and idlers were done. They were apparently quite brittle. Was hoping this little issue would make #2 go away, but it hasn't. Probably should have mentioned this when they had it apart, so I'm a ****ing idiot.

    2, Check Engine light. Intermittent, will come on solid for anywhere from a few seconds to maybe 30 seconds, then go off. Might come back on before getting to destination, might not. Never flashes in any kind of pattern, its either on or off. No other engine related lights come on at the same time. Anyone on here have any ideas as to what might be causing this? Was going to be going up the coast for work next week (approx 3 hours one way) Wife reckons I shouldn't.

    There is no noticeable difference in the way the car behaves when the light comes on. Can still accelerate fine, doesn't slip out of gear, can still brake, doesn't feel sluggish in anyway, doesn't stutter. Literally nothing weird happens, except the ****ing light coming on briefly then going away.

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    1999 TX should be a third generation legacy so if you're looking up info that should help.

    If you don't have access to a scan tool, you can pull the code yourself using the connectors under the cluster, really easy to get to:

    From memory you connect the green together, it will flash in such a way you get a code of usually two digits, i.e. I had a code 66 when I got my subi because the previous owner was a munter and tried to piss around with the twin turbo black box solenoids. I reversed his changes, cleaned it out, 8 years no more CEL's.

    If you can't find much, guys over at are gc's and a have a wealth of knowledge.

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    Get it scanned.

    Usual suspect is 02 sensor. To be expected, and not a major drama. But get the scan done before buying replacement bits.

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    b|ind-reaper* wrote:
    i've just started with dtsl