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    Some pretty cool options coming to BL3.

    Dynamic Missions
    Along with the expected assortment of story and side missions, the in-game bounty board aboard Sanctuary III will occasionally feature dynamic missions that are generated as a result of things that your friends have done or enemies they have encountered in their personal playthrough. For example, if one of your friends spots an especially rare creature that doesnt appear in every playthrough, you might be offered a mission to hunt it.

    Mail System
    Got a favorite Legendary gun thats no longer able to keep up with the enemy-killing demands of your leveling-up lifestyle? What to do with that gun is a decision that only you can make, but with the Borderlands 3 mail system weve made the most heartwarming of your options ”passing it on to a friend who can put it to good use”easier than ever.

    Vending Machines
    We know vending machines aren’t new, and we know you’ve been using them to buy and sell loot since the first Borderlands. The vending machines in Borderlands 3 have benefitted from some sweet upgrades though, one of which occasionally adds choice guns that your friends have sold for cash to their inventory so you can buy them. Friends too cheap to give you their Legendary castoffs? This’ll show em!