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    Second show announced for the following night.

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    Seated, I'm too old for moshpits.
    these are also my feels

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    got GA for second show

    yeaaaa boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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    heads up they will only deliver to billing address and this cannot be changed, aint nobody gonna be home for that....

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    Got GA for second show.

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    wait wut, both friday and sat shows sold out in pre sale? fark missed out

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    man ticket master is manky, maybe peoples carts timed out, managed to get sat night GA

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    2x GA Friday

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    What. wrote:
    did you actually?
    Gotta be quicker than that

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    8 of us missed out trying to buy on release. Booooo. Will try again on Fri.

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    How do I buy a ticket?

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    Okay, we got all our tickets, but on separate days hoping some will be happy to buy or swap so we can all go together. I'll probably end up with 3 spare tickets for Saturday (if I can get 3 GA's for Fri) and I'll happily sell them at cost.

    If anyone has 3 for Sat and wants Fri...swap would be awesome, otherwise they are just hedging my bets in case we miss out when the rest of the tickets go on sale on Fri.

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    nzbleach wrote:
    How do I buy a ticket?
    U SRS? Ticketmaster.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Missed out on on standing. But got some hopefully decent seated ones. And got Iron Maiden tickets.
    If I really wanna mosh, I'll go to Obituary and do it right.
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    swazi wrote:
    If I really wanna mosh, I'll go to Obituary and do it right.
    I doubt there will be moshing at a Tool gig, But it's why i went for seated anyway. I CBF with moshing anymore.

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    I've never seen moshing at a tool concert, but last time they played at spark it felt like they just let too many peeps into GA.

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    Saw Tool at BDO, no moshing. meant that Im not disappointed that I have seated as it should be a good show

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    ^ when they played after muse? what a day that was.

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    Nah, this particular one had Rammstein play before them. Think 2011 ish. What BDO wasnt awesome though

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    Guessing this is what we'll be in for. Danny is a beast, He never misses a beat.