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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    Yeah love me some more Ghost Recon!

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    Damn that looks good

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    Looks good! I used to play the s**t out of Island Thunder back in the day

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    Loved the character designs, the masks look cool as ****.

    Enviado do meu SM-N960F através do Tapatalk

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    Being jamming Wildlands the last two week because I lost my saved game and tbh I kind of missed it, now I'm so hyped for Breakpoint.

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    Love the TC Games - Wildlands was freaking amazing

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    What Wilds like as a single player experience?

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    As a single player it was a good challenge but doable and fun at the same time.
    The 3 other AI players weren't too bad, but not the same as playing with 3 friends and having strat.

    Still totally worth playing.

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    Looking forward to this, really enjoyed wildlands

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    I enjoyed single player wildlands. I would've tried playing with the AI teammates off, but Ubi didn't remove their npc chatter. So it was kind of jarring having non existent team mates talking to you.

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    Played Wildlands Solo long after everyone else played it. Enjoyed the game but after a few regions it all felt very same same after I had unlocked the guns I wanted. Customisation was epic though. This game with a loot table would be immense.

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    Game play demo was phenomenal.

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    Looking forward to this

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    I didn't play wildlands but I like the way this is looking. Will keep an eye on it for sure.

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    ManBeastLove wrote:
    I didn't play wildlands
    Wildlands was good. You can usually pick it up in sales for ~$30NZD. There's the Steam sale next month, you're safe to pick up just the base game. The DLCs all got hugely negatively reviewed.