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    LG smart tv home menu query

    Anyone here with a LG smarttv running webos can you check you have the blue icon for webos on the ribbon when you press home. Should look like this.

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    Its possible its not in this region, or I've got rid of it being an idiot. Need it for pairing with an Echo, and have been going gaga trying to get it back on the home screen.

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    It's not on mine.

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    Was about to do a factory reset and lose many hours of calibration then came across info where this menu item is only available in the States. That's pure wank. Every bit of marketing spiel has alexa available for webos 4.0 and higher, but us plebs cannot link alexa to voice control an lg smart tv because we don't have the pleasure of suckling on the teet of Trump.
    Regional locking just ****ing sux donkey balls. Will see what the LG NZ customer help says.