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    NZ hosting or International?

    Yo...I'm sick of my host being super slow (Openhost). They used to be good and have decent support but not anymore.

    I host mainly wordpress as a reseller and for my own sites, but they seem unreasonably slow.

    I'm looking to move my main sites - maybe all of them.

    Any recommends? My main site gets international traffic so I'm torn about moving hosting out of NZ but not sure how much dff it really makes now days.

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    Get a VPS from Vultr, fire up a LEMP stack and call WordPress in the conf.

    Once it's configured the first time it's set and forget, and you'll learn how to run your own server.

    Closest is Sydney but there's little latency between here and there, it'll be a thousand times faster than shared hosting and you can roll out a bunch of smaller servers all over the place, rather than have one big server.

    Follow this to configure it:

    I started here, and self-taught running a full infrastructure set (nameservers, mail, backup, web, sql etc) servers in a combination of a couple houses and Vultr VPS' within about a year. Web is now Apache with an Nginx reverse proxy and a Varnish cache calling local but different machine SQL servers and storing to a SAN.

    But prefer Nginx if running just the one engine which you will at first.

    Use LetsEncrypt for HTTPS and it's free, SSL keys via web hosts are like a billion dollars each domain per year. Dicks.

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    I think DigitalOcean are giving away like $100 of free credit as well, so could try them. I've never used them but pricing seems to be the same as Vultr.

    I saw a thing pop up on Facebook for the credit but can't seem to find info now.

    Looks like they're further away, though, so Vultr is probably better:

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    Cheers - good ideas! I've actually had a sysadmin from openhost contact me and make some tweaks. I'm hoping I'll be able to stay if we can get my sites quick enough. Getting a vps might be the go though.

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    You could look at something like cloudflare since if it's just for static pages you can probably get good improvements in many regions and also have more consistent load times since the pages will be cached closer to clients.