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    Having limited outlets in my apartment needing a decent powerboard to plug a few electronics into

    Came across this one:
    Huntkey SAC807

    Question is regarding insurance/nz standards, being that its sold here does it mean it passes requirements?

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    Legally, yes.

    Actually? Well that depends on whether the seller knows the law. China uses the same plug as us...half the time, and it's upside down.

    I've heard of the brand before, though, so they're probably safe. Can you find the same one at a reputable seller?

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    That brand is commonly sold at PC stores throughout the country, so you will be fine.

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    Why not just get something from a shop that you can trust won't sell uncertified things

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    There will be all sorts available locally in shops. As above i'd personally stick with something locally sourced that will have ticked all the boxes to be sold here, before hitting the shelves.

    Something being sold on trademe doesn't mean a thing in regards to meeting standards.

    My 2c.

    Purely for examples sake:
    Everyone probably sells the above.

    Such as here:

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    I got the Belkin ones because of the 2m long cable and the connected equipment warranty

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    AS/NZS 3105:2014 *(EPOD is the technical name for a powerboard fun facts)

    In my experience they often do comply but don't last long before the internal pins start to spread out and not contact properly which causes the plugs you've put into the EPOD to arc or have high resistance.

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    nile wrote:
    Why not just get something from a shop that you can trust won't sell uncertified things'