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    AM4 AIO cooler

    Looking for recommendations for a AIO cooler for my 1600X. I've got a Phanteks P400 case (the tempered glass version) and I'm not sure what size I should be looking for. The spec sheet indicates that the rad can go at the front, or a small one at the back, but there are also mounting holes on the top of the case, but I'm wondering whether those are only for fans.

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    Quote often you will get clearance issues with the VRM heatsinks and or RAM if you try and mount a radiator in the top in a smaller case. "Alas it was not to be. there's just 30mm of space up there with no real offset to speak of, the end result is radiators in the roof are not an option. as you can see the rad barely just fits behind the RAM mounting clips so there's no chance of getting fans onto it, even slim ones."

    120mm would fit in the rear will cool your CPU fine but a 240 or 280 up front would be quieter

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    I am running a $30 air cooler on my Ryzen 1400 @ 3.8Ghz without issue. Do you need the cost and hassle if it stops pumping or leaks ?

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    Unless you plan to upgrade the 1600, I don't see the point in going water. If just for show, then sweet as. I ran my 1600 overclocked on stock cooler, no worries. Just seems like a lot of money to spend for no decent performance gains. Whichever way you go, make sure you set up the case fans to get good airflow through the case.