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    Orcon email spam issues

    So my parents are having issues with their orcon hosted email sending bouncing from multiple places.
    Happening on and off but getting worse.
    So parents send an email to orcon and this was their reply....

    "I have reviewed your account notes regarding this issue and it seems that all instances have occurred due to the receiver blocking the emails from coming through due to high spam risk. This means that the receiver has received a high number of spam from other Orcon email addresses and is attempting to mitigate the damage by preventing emails from Orcon addresses coming through. The reason this issue is sporadic is because their filters will allow emails through when they see fewer spam emails coming from Orcon addresses and then will block them again if they start to receive too many. Whilst our network engineers to their best to reduce the amount of spam being sent from our addresses, we are unable to stop other email providers from blocking our emails from coming through.

    All we can recommend at this stage is using an alternative email service until the Orcon emails are no longer being blocked."

    If I was working for Orcon I would be so embarrassed with this.

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    Good old Orcon, living up to its reputation every day.

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    Markuchi wrote:
    If I was working for Orcon I would be so embarrassed with this.
    Still using ISP provided email in 2019 is more embarrassing

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    Eh, it's not so bad if it's old people. As long as they're not getting it printed in vinyl and slapping it on the side of their work vehicle.

    Could you imagine having to not only get your parents using a new email address, but explaining to all their friends their new address and getting them to actually use it. You can set up forwarding, but then the friends will never, ever change.

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    I did do that and it was fine

    They were getting fed up with 100s of spam messages a day with xtra, was no problem switching to outlook and forwarding the old email

    pretty sure it's deleted now

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    Have always wondered about shifting the parents off Xtra due to spam. What are decent mail providers I should look at?

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    google or microsoft. pick your poison/who you are gonna share all your data with

    google is #1 when it comes to dealing with spam imo.

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    Man I moved my old man from xtra to years ago. Since it's a MS product it integrates perfectly with the Outlook mail client and onedrive which he also uses.

    Using ISP email is toxic at this point.