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    Is that down to controls? controller vs kb\mouse?

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    Possibly, although I've read somewhere that there is an AI bug - but not sure if this is only on consoles or not.
    I'm on PC and last night we managed to get to the third boss. I can't imagine how hard this would be with a controller tbh. I've always been a PC gamer but played a few games on console, just not shooting games as my controller potato aim is shocking.

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    I think that the hitting of the weak spots constantly on the bosses is harder on console than PC and the 30FPS cap on console

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    I can straight up say I wouldnt stand a chance with it on either platform by the sounds of it, bugs or not, i wont have the skill or ability to even get close judging from the amount of people actually getting there and completing it, and I am beyond terrible and incompetent