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    TomTom GPS and 3rd party maps?

    Hey team,

    Iím doing a round the world trip on my motorbike starting from NZ and purchased a GPS unit to help guide me along the way, more specifically the latest TomTom 550 Rider(motorbike specific GPS). I assumed these big GPS manufactures like Garmin and TomTom have global maps but thatís not the case.

    So now Iím holding a $700 GPS unit thatís useless in half the places I plan to visit.

    Is there a way to load other maps to the unit and make it work where TomTom does not have coverage?

    I read OSM could be an option. Anyone have experience with this?

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    Global map would be too large to store on a GPS i'd say. What you could do, is load offline Google maps into a cellphone and use that for navigating.

    I've messed around years ago using Tomtom maps in another device, but it was a pain to do. This was before Google maps was as useful as it is today.

    As you travel around you could delete old offline maps and download the new ones when you have wifi access.

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    Here WeGo has free downloadable global maps, but don't cover everywhere. Such as Japan, and Cambodia last I was there (that may have changed). Where they do cover, though, is second to none.

    Google is pretty much the only non-Japanese brand to have access to Japan and it's online only.