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    Upgrade Me

    PC wise my brain is back in the era of the e8400 so I'd appreciate a steer on what to do with my current system. I'm keen to game a bit more but new titles are pretty much out of reach for me spec wise (threw current system together 3 odd years ago with minimal research). I currently play some dated titles such as BF4 but I'm keen to get into BF5 and have a half-decent experience from a new/upgraded system. Open to all suggestions, from what I understand a monitor is now also a consideration for builds too? (anyone care to dumb it down to me what the reason for this is - *laymans terms plz*?).

    CPU : i5 6400
    Mobo : Gigabyte H110M-S2H-CF
    RAM : 2x Crucial 4GB DESKTOP DDR4 2133 MT/s (PC4-17000) CL15 x2
    SSD Samsung 750 EVO 250GB ,MZ-750250BW
    GPU : GeForce GTX 970 8gb
    PSU : ZALMAN ZM750-EBT 750W
    Case: COOLER MASTER N200
    Monitor: LG 24M47VQ-P

    Muchas gracias!
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    should be some announcements of the new ryzen shit at computex (couple days away i think)

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    popopop wrote:
    should be some announcements of the new ryzen shit at computex (couple days away i think)
    Tomorrow afternoon to be exact :P

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    Cheers, realised I didn't put a $ figure to an upgrade - looking for a system that as referenced above that gives a 'half-decent experience'. Let's translate that to mid-range

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    I wonder if you could get away with just upgrading your CPU to a 2nd hand i5-7600 and something like a new 1660 Ti GPU. Wouldn't be too costly. It would game well.

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    Any old i5 isn't going to game all that well, 4 cores is pretty limiting now. I'd wait and see what is announced.

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    Looking at building a new system shortly myself when Ryzen 3000 is released.

    Going to keep my GPU, PSU, case, HDD's and SSD's

    X470 MOBO ~ $250
    Ryzen 3600x ~ $450
    16GB DDR4 3200 ram ~ $200

    If you are happy with second hang GPU there are some 1080 around for $600 - $650 or I have seen 1080Ti come up for $800ish (usually have warranty still)

    You could probably do intel for a few hundred more on the CPU, but by the sounds of things Ryzen 3000 (available July) will smash Intel.
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    Sounds like these new Ryzen's are likely the way to go. I'm definitely open to a second hand GPU, was thinking something along the lines of 1660 Ti/1070 or above - but to reap the most benefit from that I'd probably be wanting to head the route of a new monitor too right?

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    pretty much wait till mid july once all the details and benches and Navi is out.