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    Bigpipe is no frills. No call center, uncapped cheap fibre with cheapest static IP in town. $45 one time fee for static IP is a luxury.

    If it's easy to code, why not just fetch the data in real-time from your router and display it in an app. That would be the business.

    For 99.9% of users, uncapped data usage is not even on their radar.

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    suntoucher wrote:

    Why is it my power company can give me hour by hour consumption but my ISP (Bigpipe) can't.
    Because your power company is required to by law and your ISP isn't.

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    I like how they only have a couple of people testing it, yet one of them (the consultant) was such a pleb he had to borrow a PC capable of handling the speed...
    You do realize 10Gbit capable cards aren't exactly mainstream yet right? Hardly pleb.

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    Yes, of course. I was talking about the rest of the PC, not just slapping a 10Gbit PCI-e card in it - which was mostly likely supplied for the trial.

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    I'm looking forward to how this develops, still being on ADSL myself

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    Bt wrote:
    I'm looking forward to how this develops, still being on ADSL myself
    It's expected that 10Gb should be available at every residential area except for your street by 2021.

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    Blue Vein CHEESE wrote:
    Did people ever both with ANSI on 300baud modems? It was bad enough on 2400bps.
    Frequently used to synchonise the clock or to see if your search engine had emailed you back from the week before , most likely regarding nuclear lauch codes.