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    I wasn't expecting this till early 2020 tbh and was fully expecting the last of us 2 in November. But according to Jason Schreier TLOU2 has been bumped to early 2020 possibly Feb.

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    I was expecting it, just pretty much need a release date for Ghost of Tsushima and TLoU2 for this year / financial year.

    XSpike wrote:
    Ellie says, She's going to kill every last one of them. She has a good chance, well unless the game releases in 2020 than she'd kill none of them.

    Even if one or both get delayed as it happens, still a nice year of PS exclusives. Well unless you're Eva, he'll just be grabbing some popcon and not even play the game.

    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    OMG, this news is amazing. Can't wait to play.

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    Fanboy PSXspike was so triggered by a meme that's he's holding onto his butthurt for 5 months.

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    Nah your post was just above the post of mine that I quoted, in this is just your walking simulator / interactive movie so you might as well grab your popcon for this one.

    Perfect meme for you for this game, thought I'd save you the hassle off posting it.

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    You know that it was confirmed for PC years ago, right? I expect a 2020 release after PS timed exclusivity.

    PSXspike right
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    After the dissapointment that was MGS5 I really don't care / this game isn't really my cup of tea. In saying that I do believe Kojima really wanted MGS5 to be the way that it was, polished but fulled with annoyances in every cutscene. Timed exclusive is all that the game really needs, still don't hold your breath waiting for a PC version now that it's using a Sony inhouse engine. Would be quite cool to see Guerrilla Games engine on PC in what mods the community could possbily do with it, It'd would be quite interesting. It wouldn't really effect PS sales of the game so let it come to PC if it can.

    Much better games coming this year, bring on the full release of Dreams!

    Anyways, much better knowing all these hardcore PC gamers who said stuff like ''That's not in-game on consoles it's CGI, consoles are to weak'' being shamed out by such games like this one.

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    You know that it was confirmed for PC years ago, right? I expect a 2020 release after PS timed exclusivity.

    PSXspike right now:
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    Actually the PC version is up in the air right now. They removed all traces of the PC version after they decided to use the Guerrilla Games Sony Engine.

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    Yeah I came in to say the exact same... was before Kojima chose Guerrilla's Decima engine. And seeing as Sony owns the studio and that engine, just depends on the agreements reached.

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    looks.. ..ermmm ...cant even describe it.. no idea, game play looks simply enough, but the back story etc.

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    ffs Eva stop being an antagonistic prick, dealing with/reading complaints about you is getting tiring