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    Probability manipulation of Domino so I would get lucky and win this competition

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    Nightcrawlers Teleportation - never have to deal with Auckland traffic again!

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    Nightcrawler's teleportation would be great for getting out of awkward situations

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    Gotta go with Jean Grey. Telepathy and telekinesis?! Hard combo to beat

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    Have to go with good old Magneto's powers to be honest.

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    Young Xmen count ?
    If so, Cipher's powers would be awesome. Free entry to almost anything

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    Thanks for all the great entries folks!

    The winners have been drawn and they are 'MCSquared', 'brand', with user 'GeneralZod' winning the prize pack with the signed poster.

    I'll be in touch to get address details shortly!

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    Congrats brand and MC, if you're in Chch we can go on a winners trip together!!

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    congrats MCSquared, brand & GeneralZod.

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    Rogue, then I could have any other power I wanted (albeit temporarily).