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    [Lan] TCOSY's SWEET 21ST ANNIVERSARY! - 18th-20th October 2019

    Get ready for TCOSY's biggest lan event in 6 years!


    In October 2019, we're gonna have a massive 3 day lan going from Friday 18th October all the way through till midday on Sunday 20 October at the Massey University Activity Centre, Palmerston North.

    What will we possibly be doing during such a long LAN you ask? Well, there's gonna be all sorts of competitions for all of your favourite multiplayer games but the official Tournaments are:
    -CounterStrike Global Offensive
    -Trackmania Nations Forever
    -Call of Duty 4: Moderm Warfare
    -Warcraft 3
    -Smash Bros
    -Killing Floor 2
    -Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
    -Kerbal Space Program

    But what if you don't want to play in a competition?
    Don't worry! We've got you covered, as we will have non-competitive servers for most of the competition games and more!

    And if playing on computers tires you out, we will have a social area dedicated to just chilling out and having a good time. Included in this area will an appearance from our favourite retro gaming setup, the RetroPie, as well as being able to play your favourite party games like the infamous Jackbox Party Pack.

    We have some great prizes for this event, ranging from good ol' blocks of chocolate, all the way up to some sweet gaming peripherals provided by both us, and our sponsors (yes, SPONSORS!).

    To gain entry for this great event, a pass will get you access for all 3 days for only $40, a lot cheaper than many of
    the other bigger LANs out there.

    So, keep that weekend open, book in your annual leave, and come on down and celebrate 21 Years of Gaming with TCOSY!

    go to "" to Reserve your seat now before they run out!
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    Awesome group of guys recently attended our LAN in Wellington.

    Went to a bunch of Tcosys from 2000-2006 era.

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    Tcosy Sweet 21st Lan update

    Tcosy Sweet 21st Promo Video

    Here's the list of the confirmed game tournaments we'll be running during the Lan

    CounterStrike Global Offensive
    Trackmania Nations Forever
    Call of Duty 4: Moderm Warfare
    Warcraft 3
    Smash Bros
    Killing Floor 2
    Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
    Kerbal Space Program

    make sure you follow Tcosy on facebook "" and join the Tcosy facebook group "" for future Lans and updates

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    Looking forward to this. A bunch of us CSGOers from Welly are heading up

    If anyone knows of gamers from Palmy encourage them to go, i'm sure the organisers would love to get a full house.

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    ****, this is right after Kawaiicon (nee Kiwicon) this year. Vaguely keen to extend my Welly trip and lug the PC up. What time to these usually start on the Friday?

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    We'd definitely love to get a full house

    Starts Friday 12pm and goes until 2-4pm Sunday (sometime around there)

    Stay tuned for the tournaments schedule coming soon

    also book and pay by the 11th October so you can reserve your seat and fast track into the event (remind your friends to do the same so you can sit together )
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    Only 23 days to go til the lan so grab your ticket if you haven't already done so.
    if you've already pre registered, pay but the 11th of October so you can select your seat and fast track into the event

    anyway here's the tournament schedule for the lan

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    This weekend! a crew of us are heading up from Wellington.

    Should be lots of CSGO and Splitsecond on the cards

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    Good birthday gift, thank you for that timing!!!

    Looking forward to it!!

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    Awesome looking forward to seeing you guys there.

    4 days to go and if anyone is undecided whether or not they should come over and join the action maybe this bit of info will entice you to come?

    We have some EPIC prizes to giveaway sponsored by VRC Computers and Jaycar (we may give out some hints to those prizes on the facebook event page) and most of the major prizes are spot prizes so all attendees have a chance to win

    so free up your weekend (if you can) and come on over
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