XSpike wrote:


That is all. It lead to some of the best games ever,

Battle Grounds - Best Revolutionary War title
Day of Defeat - Best WW2 title
Digital Paintball - Best paintball
Earths Special Forces - The best DBZ game, so good
HL Rally - Who would of thought HL in Rally in it was actually fun
Hostile Intent - Best realistic tactical shooter
Natural Selection - One of my fav games ever, Aliens vs Marines online. RTS / shooter, love NS2 as well
Sven Co-op - One of the best co-op games ever
Team Fortress - Not my fav thing still was fun
The Specialists - Best matrix type game and it was MP like... all these games I'm listing
The Trenches - One of the best WW1 games
Tour of Duty - Best vietnam game
Vampire Slayer - Best Vampire slaying game
i had the retail version of CS. when everything changed over to steam i got HL1, DoD and every mod or expansion that wasn't already included with CS retail for free. was awesome.