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    Years and Years [BBC]

    Anyone seen this? Looks like a british take on Black Mirror from the mind of ex doctor who showrunner russell t.davies.

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    I thought Black Mirror was British?

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    JC wrote:
    I thought Black Mirror was British?
    But this is MORE British

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    Carry on then, chaps!

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    How will the tea and crumpets take control of humanity? Find out next week, on Years and Years.

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    Looks like Black Mirror, but with a storyline focusing on one family yeah?

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    Just started watching it, and the scene where the parents are expecting their daughter to come out as transsexual, but she comes out as transhuman, and wants to download her brain into the cloud in a clinic in Switzerland, is ****ing hilarious.

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    Wow shit, episode 1 took a pivot I wasn't expecting.

    I recommend watching this if you like speculative fiction.