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    GTR Festival 2019

    Was at the GTR Festival on Saturday, was a good turn out.

    Sorting out approx 500 photos, and will put the better ones online for those interested.

    Watch this thread for the link....

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    access denied...!

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    holocaust wrote:
    access denied...!
    Oh, I block a lot of countries known for nefarious activities Where are you located ?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Or else go direct to the album -[email protected]/sets/72157709121011042

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    Didnít end up making it, would have been fun to roll race but sounds like the 75M braking area wasnít great.

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    That was probably due to someone's car losing its breakfast there during the drag racing. Drag racing was cancelled due to oil on the track and they had to clean it up for the next session.

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    Same car that dumped coolant had the spin later in day I understand.

    Anywhere after the 100 metre mark is far too late for drag racing, imagine if someone had a stuck throttle or other mishap. I wouldnít do a full send pass there unless they dropped the run length back.

    Itís drag racing not braking chicken.

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    Ah, didnt notice was same one, figured they were done and dusted I might actually have video footage of the one that spun out. Havent sorted videos yet, should be some good stuff, including The Labs March catching fire down the straight.

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    XPD wrote:
    including The Labs March catching fire down the straight.
    Oh shit! Bad?

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    Nah, overheard them talking about it later, suspect driveshaft broke and took a line with it which obviously contained fuel of some sort.... so fair bit of flame underneath - was put out promptly once the call went out.

    I'll put up the video tomorrow night if I get a chance.

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    lel he will whinge and blame you if you post it

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    Lol yep the guy is notorious for having a huge tanty over anyone posting evidence of his accidents. Old mate engineer and his decisions.

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    You could have stopped at "huge tanty"

    He's a massive man child with some serious issues

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    I seem to have been ublocked on FB in the last couple of weeks. So I guess its only another week or two before I upset him again and get blocked once more.

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    It's motorsport. Sometimes you break stuff, or drive into stuff.


    One of my most annoying motorsport moments, was having the big bank nerf & spin at Shelly Bay Sprint, and have it happen where there were no photographers. At least my next bank-nudge I did right in front of a photographer who got a massive motor-drive sequence of the whole thing.

    If you don't want to break or crash a car, then race or rally probably is not the sport for you.

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    yea but youre level headed and accept shit, thats not his jam though

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    can confirm still blocked from him

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    honestly, i dont think thats a bad thing lol.

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    SafT wrote:
    ...the 75M braking area wasnít great.
    That looked dangerous! Most cars where breaking way before the finish line.

    And that dude on the mic did not stop for a second... I could not hear my own thoughts. Had some fun but to be honest I enjoyed more the "The Toyota Festival" some weeks ago, and that one was for free.