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    Recommended Upgrades?


    I built my first PC last year with some help from people on here and would now like to know what upgrades I could do to get better performance.

    Currently have:
    Ryzen 3 1200
    GTX 1050ti
    8gb 2400 RAM

    Would upgrading one of these have a significant impact on performance (1080p 60fps monitor)


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    Which motherboard, what power supply do you have, what games do you play and what budget?

    Follow this guide to install some monitoring. Then while in games you play, take note of what is hitting 100% the most, be it CPU or GPU. Keep an eye on average CPU / GPU usage and report back average usage.

    Once it is known what is limiting the game the most, options can be looked at, budget dependent. Come July when Zen 2 releases, you may find people flicking off better CPU's than what you have, as they upgrade to the new stuff.

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    I'll install that and report back once I've played a couple games, thanks.
    PSU is a Corsair TX550m and the MoBo is a Asus B350m

    I could get any Ryzen cpu with that board?

    Games wise, I play a bit of everything.
    Not sure on budget as of now.

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    you can play with OC on the CPU, I have mine on 4.05ghz and is stable at 1.3v. or for around $300 you can get a 2600x

    For bang for buck, if you don't mind second hand a 1070ti or 1080? but you'd want to upgrade the PSU as well.

    some more ram would be a cheap upgrade assuming you have 4 rams slots, or your 8gb is a single stick.

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    550W PSU is fine.

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    2600 + 1660 or rx 570/580

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    1660 is a bit better than an RX580 but about $100+ more

    Depends on your budget/resolution/games I guess.

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    Is gpu or cpu a bigger priority?

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    GPU tends to be. Will know for sure when you report back the usage stats while gaming. They might be both maxed out, or just one might be. Given the current parts, I don't imagine you'll want to upgrade both at once.

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    GPU, but your CPU is going to quickly become a bottleneck.

    Might be able to find a Ryzen 5 1600 popup on trademe or something.

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    Stingrayz87 wrote:
    Ryzen 3 1200
    GTX 1050ti
    8gb 2400 RAM

    In order of things id do
    - If you dont have an SSD, then an SSD
    - Upgrade CPU - You can get 1700's for about $250 or 1600's for about $180 on eBay
    - Swap out ram for a 16GB 3000Mhz kit. Infinity Fabric on Ryzen/Zen cpu's is affected by memory speed and really modern Windows and games would be far more responsive and better multi tasking with 16GB.
    - GPU is quite expensive but you could move to a 1070/1070 Ti/1660 if you can find one cheap enough. Theres often 1070's going for cheap on Facebook Marketplace.

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    Yeah I've got an SSD.
    I will keep my eye out for a new CPU, thank you