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    Ok so i think Iím sold on not going down that route.
    Good point in regards to maxing out all other parts first. I think the effort for the cost is huge.

    In regards to radiator fans. If Iím going with a 360 AIO , water 3.0 is it worth stopping out the fans.

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    AstoriaParanoia wrote:
    Nothing like blowing hot air into your GPU
    Or you fit the rad to the top or rear of the case to exhaust

    You then fit a AIO to your gpu also exhausting and voila no hot air blowing over anything

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    VOID_NZ wrote:
    If I’m going with a 360 AIO , water 3.0 is it worth stopping out the fans.

    Nah you don't wanna stop your fans, they spin for a reason.

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    pyronical wrote:
    And better case airflow
    Perhaps if you have mITX. Otherwise case fans in a well designed case making cooling easy either way you go. I like the fact my cooler blows air down on to the VRM's I am putting through their paces Three intake fans up front on the filter and one exhaust keep mine cool. But then that is Mini C life.

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    Not just ITX.

    The VRM's heatsink gets unobstructed airflow from the intake fans

    I have this case with basically the same setup except one GPU, and the fans in the front pull air over the VRM heatsink cause there is nothing in the way.
    And then the added advantage that the GPU doesnt have to suck in hot air.

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    There is plenty of room around the heatpipes of something like a d15 at VRM level. Ram height would have more of an effect on airflow in that area.

    Thats also a pretty terrible case to be using if you are so concerned about airflow tbh

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    Is that an mATX motherboard in there? Doesn't look like either cooling option would have a problem TBH. Keep intake fans, add exhaust fans on top of case tucked where radiator is. Lots of space for a cooler of any type. Nice case BTW. Top exhaust would be a bit more flowing without a sheet of glass in the way lol.

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    yeah mATX life - they did a review of the cooling on GN and found that there was enough gap between the glass to not be terrible, in saying that the glass is easily removable during the summer months.

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    Meant swop. Iím not that much of a noob.

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