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  1. Smile


    Hey guys n girls been a resurgence of a lot of old school CSNZ CS players lately on SMG CSGO PUG SERVER most nights.
    Your welcome to join us for some PUG fun.
    Why PUG's?
    Teams are usually fairly picked
    NZ server (low pings)
    Pugs are not ranked! (so we can play/learn new maps try new tactics make pyramids anything we like.
    Remember to go Spectator and ask to join.

    CSGO PUG Server (Not Matchmaking select the 1st drop down)
    Go to Community servers and the server should show up
    Or connect in console
    password fcc

    Go spectator and ask before you join.
    2 team leaders are appointed and they knife to get 1st pick from the spectators then match is lo3'd

    CSGO GUN GAME server
    To download the custom maps. for gun game set
    in your console do sv_allowupload 1 and sv_allowdownload 1

  2. Post
    10/10 much fun!!!