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    So the new battlefield when it came out in beta, they have the period after you die when you can be revived.

    In the beta testing of playing this the character would lie on the ground screaming and begging for help and you could not skip it. It was traumatic due to the realism of the scene and it had a disturbing impact on me to think of how many suffered like that.

    So yeah Def a time when realism was not needed.

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    Kog wrote:
    The only games I wont play is ones in which you kill dinosaurs
    Turok and Ark?

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    WarZoner wrote:
    Turok and Ark?

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    KevinL wrote:
    Never stopped playing a game, but Spec Ops: The Line really pushed the comfort factor IMO
    I stopped playing after the WP scene. I feel like it I owe it to the story of Spec Ops to finish it, but it feels daunting.

    So, there's a game called This War of Mine which is a "surviving as a civilian in a warzone" simulator. It was pretty tough to playthrough - the mechanics are great, it's a base-building survival loot-em-up with a strong story. Art is well done. But you it's a bit depressingly realistic.

    ...and then they released an expansion - now you can try and fail to protect children in your hell-hole existence of fear and hunger!

    Bought it to support the cause, never played it.

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    Edward Diego wrote:
    I stopped playing after the WP scene. I feel like it I owe it to the story of Spec Ops to finish it, but it feels daunting.
    Worth pushing through imo, gameplay is a bit meh but I reckon it's one of the best storyline of any game I've played

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    KevinL wrote:
    Never stopped playing a game, but Spec Ops: The Line really pushed the comfort factor IMO

    Jesus, I've only played the first part of that game....didnt realise it got so dark balls

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    The violence in Shadow of the Tomb Raider really put me off. Mainly because it just felt out of place & unnecessary.

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    Anyone remember the character Yoshimitsu from Tekken? The violence of Tekken didn't bother me at all, but there was one particular thing Yoshimitsu did that made me feel sick. I don't know what or how it was triggered. There was a scene where he reaches up and breaks his own neck and kills himself. I really don't know why it grossed me out so much, but I remember getting bad chills from it.

    I'm fairly sure it was Yoshimitsu and Tekken, but I could be mistaken.

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    A lot of people found the torture scene in GTA5 disturbing but I had no issue with it, since it was kind of showing the ridiculousness & futility of the torturing of terrorist suspects in real life.
    I'm one of them. I haven't even progressed past it and I bought the game forever ago.

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    Hmm - maybe I grew up on a diet of Mortal Kombat and Night Trap, but I haven't ever stopped playing a game because of how gruesome it was. Including many listed here.

    Only game I can recall that I stopped because it made me feel physically ill was Resident Evil 7 in VR. The dinner table scene, the cop who gets a shovel sliced through his head right in your face, and the whole grimy nature of it put me off.

    But then again, that could just be the VR experience itself. Dirt Rally sometimes does the same thing so *shrug*.

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    Come to think about it, there was another scene in one of the Assasins Creed games where there was some sort of medical facility and one of the patients escaped and was caught again. He gets dragged back in and the head guard says 'Break his legs so he won't run again". The guards then grab him and snap both of his legs right there in the hallway. As someone who has broken their leg it made me a little sick.

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    Valeyard wrote:
    I consider myself pretty thick skinned. And I can usually put up with violence in movies and games because theirs usually a fantastical element to it. But in the last year I apparently found my limit. It was in the most recent Wolfenstein game. The New Colossus. The opening scene where the main character is forced to shoot a dog and you cant progress until you do. There's no option to skip it either. (At least COD gave you the option to skip No Russian) There was something about this moment for whatever reason this just didn't sit well with me. And I haven't gone back to the game or series since. Anyone else ever experienced something similar?
    I know I'm late to this conversation but I'm playing New Colossus at the moment and you don't have to kill the dog. You can deliberately miss and shoot the wall next to her instead. It still doesn't exactly end well, but none the less.

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    There is a game called Hatred, it may not be for sale anymore. Haven't played, cause it's stupidly violent.

    I won’t post the trailer for it, in case it triggers people.
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    I have not and would not play, purchase or support Hatred in any way because of the context for it's violence. Context matters.

    I have to admit after I'd been playing Payday 2 for a while I did start to wonder about the context for violence in there too but at least they were armed and fighting back.

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    I haven’t played any of those types of games but from what I’ve read Hatred is similiar to the Postal games?

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    yup but without the humour of Postal.

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    Oh yeah I remember Hatred only because Mack controversially thumbed it up in his WAB video, while thumbing down WItcher 3 around the same time.

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    i played a 3d WW1 tower defense one where you manned the towers/machineguns

    stopped playing after officers started showing up on horse to get mowed down.. i don't even like horses

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    The scene in the opening video where the parents get executed in homefront and the kid starts crying.

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    No but I haven't really come across any games that were wildly violent AND fun to play.

    I've played a couple that were wildly violent, but the whole game was built around that idea and they forgot about plot, or making it enjoyable. So I quit, but not because of the violence.