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    I mean, there's always been aspects of the Battle Royale book/movie/manga series that aren't super easy to convey in a multiplayer game that I've been keen on seeing, like the more survival and random aspect of it (they all have a bag of provisions and a random weapon, the main character starts off with a knife and the girl he's with has a boomerang) and it just seems like a cool setting for a game. Maybe like, (another) groundhog day type thing except you get to play "the game" (Battle Royale being a gameshow type thing in the canon) as a number of different characters?

    IDK, exciting though and I'm unsure if there's been anything like it yet.

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    Schofield's last game CoD WW2 was surprisingly rather good. I'd be interested to see if they could craft a compelling soloable narrative experience.