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    Skybound and Beamdog are selling CE's for their Enhanced Edition DnD games on console

    So these are a thing, and yes I've already purchased the Planescape and Baldur's Gate for Switch versions (the complete and NWN versions are not appealing)

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    Where are these available from mate?

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    well thats cool and all, but playing games like these on a console... I don't see myself playing this without mods these days, boots of speed for everyone thanks
    honestly they should have chucked up a PC version might have been tempted then

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    Black Plague*** wrote:
    Where are these available from mate?
    Click a pic. Should take you right to the store.

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    ChrisB wrote:
    Click a pic. Should take you right to the store.
    Haha cheers mate!

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    Thank you for the news. It's a much better deal to get the Ultimate Collection with all three game sets vs. just two individual ones.

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    I am not a NWN fan at all except for Hordes of the Underdark, so there is no appeal in the EE. I also dislike the "enhancement" treatment for the game. It feels like a bare minimum attempt imo.
    I prefer the two game branded journals, dice sets, and medallions over the beholder stuff. Also prefer Boxed versions for Planescape and Baldur's Gate over the single bulk box.

    2 x Journals. 2x medallions. 5x pins. 2x dice sets. 1x map. 6x hero cards. 2x collectors boxes. With game specific branding I want. 1x Morte And only the games I like
    1 x journals. 1x medallions. 2x pins. 1x dice sets. 1x map. 0x hero cards. 1x collectors box. With branding I am not a fan of. 1x Morte. 1x beholder bowl. 4x lithographs. and 1 game I don't like.

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    Fair enough. Has touchscreen support been confirmed for the Switch ports to your knowledge?

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    4. Will the iOS/Android touch controls be available for use on the console (eg. Nintendo Switch) port of the games?

    LUKE: Currently the console builds don’t include touchscreen functionality.
    Hopefully this changes

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    That's unfortunate. Any word on mouse support for Xb1 version, to your knowledge?

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    i do love the Squishy skull and Beholder plate! but i played those games to death already.