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    After a Specific Part for My 2006 Civic (Auckland)

    Hi guys,

    Disclaimer: I know nothing about cars.

    I have a 2006 Civic that I haven't driven for a wee while as it was having issues with the steering, got a mechanic around to have a look at it last month after procrastinating on it for a while (I hardly ever drove even when the car was running) . He advised that the issue was that the Power Steering EPS Control Unit was faulty, which correlated with what I had read online when researching the specific issue that I had, which is basically power steering locking up the wheel and not working. I could get it to work sometimes after a few restarts but have just stopped driving the car altogether until I can get it replaced.

    Anyways, the mechanic said a second hand unit was $450?! but he couldnt locate one after trying a few places, and a brand new one from Honda was $760. I did a little digging online and found that they seem to be a lot cheaper on ebay however I have no idea which one to actually buy. Couldn't find any on trademe either however I have asked on a couple of auctions of wrecked civics for parts if they can get one.

    Rego is DEC197, is there any way of looking online with the rego/VIN and finding the right part # that I need?

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    Those prices sound pretty good tbh

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    Takanini Pick A Part has a Civic of your generation:

    Pull yours out and take it to compare.

    Part number will probably be written on the side of it as well, so grab that and chuck it straight into eBay.

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    +1 Sounds like a good price. You have to factor in GST with fees, shipping costs which wont be cheap and wait time when you order from overseas so it would have to be much cheaper to make it worth it.

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    St4lk3r wrote:
    Those prices sound pretty good tbh
    Oh really? Seems pricey for such a small unit, but as I said I know nothing about cars haha. Hmm might just hit up the mechanic again and see if hes been able to locate one.

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    If it's a unit that fails often, then supply and demand will determine pricing. Size of part tends to not make as much difference on price.

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    But that's just it, with no idea about them how do you know how much its worth?

    Computer parts are a prime example, video cards can be worth thousands but they're not very big. There plenty of nitpicking in analogies or examples to be had but the sentiment is the same

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    Try to email these electronics repair company may be they can fix it:

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    Honda will probably give you the part number if you ask.

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    Thanks for all your help guys, have sussed one from Strong Honda for $450.

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    Any sorts of warranty for it?

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    Warranty is usually 28 days from wreckers except for engines and transmissions

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    Any sorts of warranty for it?
    6 months iirc.