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    How exactly do we win a game 36-0 and lose our number 1 ranking.....seems ridiculous to me.

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    It is a very convoluted system, much like Duckworth–Lewis in cricket. I read the comment section on the Guardian and even Welsh fans aren't deluding themselves with that on paper ranking.

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    Laumape is the best 12 in NZ. End of.

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    Good one.

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    And you call us Cantabs one-eyed

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    kopkiwi wrote:
    Laumape is the best 12 in NZ. End of.
    Oh my.

    Vulcan wrote:
    Laumape didn't get ball last week. Doesn't matter what shape or size you are. Laumapes strength is his height, his low CoG is how he breaks the line.

    I don't like SBW but he did have a good game, as did Aaron Smith for a change. We need a replacement for Moody. ALB still doesn't cut it for me.

    Also Peyper did a decent job ref'ing, I think the problem we have are the sideline AR's. The Japanese one was not calling all the crap at the break down and the knock ons last week. Aussies were called on all their mistakes this week and that made a big difference.
    Honestly, I have no idea how you can say ALB doesn't cut it. His hands are excellent, he makes his tackles, he's elusive and can offload. His involvement last night was super high with no real errors that I could see. Was one of the Chiefs best all season. Laumape is not going to find the holes in midfield like he can in super rugby, test rugby defences are just a lot better. Where he finds space is usually out wide for the AB's.

    Laumape is a ball hog which irks me. Retallick even irks me for being such a hog.