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    Asus RT-AC68U with hg659b

    Having issues with the hg659b spark modem/router
    Constant disconnections over WiFi, ethernet will using spark modem as pass through with Asus rt make any improvements or do I just need to look for a new modem/router all in one. Cheers

    Does happen more often when more people are connected

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    How old is it? It's been a while since it last happened to me - but I've had bad experiences with the all in one modems that ISP's hand out. All of mine in the past eventually ran into the issues with slow/disconnecting WIFI when the modem overheats/gets damaged from heat over time.

    Assuming the ethernet is working ok, I'd run a ethernet passthrough from the modem into your ASUS router and just use WIFI from the router (disable wifi on the HG659B)

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    Couple of years old. My desktop and ps4 connected through ethernet suffer the disconnections as well. I was hoping if I brought the Asus ac68u router only version which I found considerebly cheaper and fed it Internet through the spark modem it would fix this problem