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    Hello from the past -101- and {IPT}

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    snow* wrote:
    And Luse_K was the fruitiest!

    Hey stranger, hope youíre well
    Yeah bro, doing well, yourself? Still all over the world blowing shit up?

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    I mean while bots are annoying as f*ck, it did bring me here!

    Sup all, heaps of old name here, hope all are doing well and still kicking ass.

    [SS] for life yo!

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    snow* wrote:
    Chernov was in my opinion the best pilot in BF1942
    Chernov was a nightmare, could never stay alive with him in the air.

    Here is a pic of IPT flipping battleships while at practice.
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    This is a pic from a BF1942 prize giving from some tournament in 2004. I was playing in .svo at the time (but originally {IPT}).
    I think that comp was 8 per side or something (it wasn't 12 anyway).
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    So many old names in this thread Think loose unit is now in Germany. Got some picks from his mod somewhere.

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    Rex_Havoc wrote:
    hey bud!
    wtf. JAYJAY reporting for biznis!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    ahh the day's of iconz,gamearena an xtra servers so so much fun i use to love jumpin on Battle of Britain chasing down bombers or driving the jeeps around a designated circuit racing each other in the jeeps while been shot at by tanks haha i cant remember who but some one made a video of a group of us doing it

    my favriote maps would of had to been Wake Island,Stalingrad,Iwo Jima,Battle of Midway,Berlin,Operation Market Garden,Coral Sea,El Alamein,

    Tron.Creation reporting for duty use to play all the time went to a few lan's X-LAN,PING ZERO,E-LAN,was really fun i played a lot with NZAF,101,NT,IPT,TDP,TBP,TOH,9TH INFANTRY,SD,just to name some 1942 was the best FPS game of it's time an still to this day played by a few people which is quite cool i wish the remastered version was on PC that would be awesome
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    Think my best memory was on the Aussie Ihug sservers with Swoopette.

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    Pubic reporting! (id, NZAF, NV)

    The swoopette raids were glorious, so many laughs!! Surrounding swoopette with snipers, MATT DAMON etc

    And the custom map nights, it was great playing something different.

    I've run into a handful of old '42 players since those days but not many. I saw Riftcreator recently, and Linx's dog escaped a while back and ran up my driveway by chance.

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    LoOsE_uNiT reporting in, still alive as Konev says living in the land of the autobahn, great beer and the home of schnitzel!

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    Home of some great metal/rock bands too, also what happened to that Russian fulla , hoover i think his name was?.

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    Hoover disappeared sometime during the BF:V era. Torn is another one that i wonder where they ended up.