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    I'll be in for some of the day. I ended up sneaking in a chunk of work yesterday; once the game's done I'll be straight in and out the door around midday with any luck.

    Come onnnnn boys

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    It is an issue regardless of wickets. Any time you HAVE to hit boundaries then you have to take risks.

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    Geez Boult has been bad today. Undone all the great work they did during the middle overs.

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    Yeah, seeing him coming in again after that shocker of an opening I was scared. Sigh.

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    Run rate pressure is building.

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    Think we're too far behind the run rate now.

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    Can’t let them get boundaries like that

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    beergoogles wrote:
    run rate not an issue with these wickets in hand
    Of course it is.

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    Gone that’s what we need

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    Get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That's the game. Congrats.

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    Really needed that bastard to have a chance.

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    invisibleman18 wrote:
    That's the game. Congrats.
    England still favourites..

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    Great over. What a final - so tense. We are still right in it.

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    Come on boys get up

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    England are still on top. Need another couple of wickets in the next 10 runs.

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    Privoxy wrote:
    Of course it is.
    Definitely is now

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    This is going to be so tight

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    **** off. Perfect over until then. Why'd he go leg side.

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    Need to get the kiwi out!