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    Not good

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    Yeaaa boi

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    Nice juicy half volley on leg. Well done dickhead.

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    Your ****ing kidding me

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    What the ****.

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    that is bull shit

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    Boult, stay in England and collect a pay check from the poms you plonker.

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    **** losing the WC like that

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    Can't believe that's how we lose.

    That and Boult being a dick

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    That’s so stupid Atleast he has to get a boundary to win

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    what a shit rule

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    Can’t believe that’s even a rule.

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    Has to be a wicket. End of. Only way he redeems himself for costing us the match.

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    What on EARTH is going on.

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    Smart from stokes
    . What a mental match. This is ridiculous.

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    Holy ****.

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    omg thank christ for that!

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    There goes the chance of getting an hour's sleep before work!

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    **** sake. We should be world champions right now.

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    ffs we dont have the batting power to match England in the Super over

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    What the ****.

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    we are still in thank ****