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    Can't find part, what do?

    Got a Holden Monterey 2000, transmission burned out, won't go up from first gear.
    Mechanic couldn't source a second hand transmission, I've also called chopshops country wide, it seems to be a rare part number, even though the truck itself ought to be Isuzu Bighorn/Trooper/Jackaroo etc. fairly common, or so I thought.

    I was quoted around 2k incl labour to install a second hand trans vs around 4k incl labour to rebuild it, although I suspect it might go up to 5k if they need to pour more hours.

    Do I wait patiently for the part to pop up somewhere, is it worth looking in AUS or is shipping + risk not worth it?

    I've paid 5k for the truck, so 4k for rebuild seems kinda going down the sunk cost fallacy... Any suggestions?

    I know Prado/Hilux are the way to go, but couldn't find a non leaker non ruster for 5k.

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    I had to Google what the heck a Monterey was. It's just an Isuzu bighorn, so I would look for parts off of one of those. Will be much easier to find.

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    Yeah, I might go to a 4x4 experienced mechanic and see what are my options.

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    Apparently the trans is a Toyota part, how badly ****ed is it? They are generally pretty strong, we had a bearing walk out of the housing on ours, replaced the bearing and it was good to go again.

    If in Auckland you can try GRP Automatics in Takanini, I have dealt with Jason for years, he is usually pretty reasonable on price, and generally the price he gives is the price he charges.

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    It won't switch from first gear, mechanic said it burned out, whatever that means.

    Model is 4L30-E 98-03, part number 96018271.

    Thanks for the contact.

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    That sounds like a GM transmission

    Yeah, it is! - its in all these vehcles here

    any of those vehicles should work as donor replacments - though the "Car" transmission variants have differtent gear ratio's compated to the "truck" versions

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    Thanks Mac.

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    eBay. Try both the Uk and US sites. Most people are happy to ship globally if you pay the shipping and even with more expensive shipping options prices are WAY cheaper than anything here.