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    Spark: Gigafibre speeds in Dunedin?

    Hi I know that it's most likely my equipment but I would like to know that other people in Dunedin can get 950Mbps on Spark?

    I had a connection speed of 950Mbps with Spark for a few years until suddenly last year when I only got 650Mbps. None of my hardware have changed.

    Up speed is 450Mbps.
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    What makes you think its your equipment? If you have 950 before and changed nothing then it won't likely be you.

    The reality is the guaranteed minimum on that service is around 2.5mb, not 1000mb, so you're getting what you're paying for (your isp probably didn't make this clear tho).

    There's no guarantee in in the consumer world that you'll get gigabit speeds - you're sharing 1.25Gbps between 15 other users, beyond that you're sharing a 1G or 10G hand-off to your ISP, beyond that you're sharing bandwidth with all other users on that ISP.

    At each point of interconnection there will never be enough bandwidth for all users to get full speed without all of us paying about 10x as much as we currently do - it's how affordable (consumer grade) networking works.

    Getting those speeds guaranteed would push your monthly rental in to the thousands of dollars per month range.