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    I'd ride with Roman Pierce in an Aston Martin DB11. One funny dude and James Bond's car!

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    I'd be riding in a Bugatti Veyron with my girl Gal Gadot (forgot her character's name lol)

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    In my first car, an 87 Accord, with Ludacris.

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    In a Porsche Carrera GT with Paul Walker.

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    I'd do it in a McLaren Speedtail and partner up with Tej Parker. He'd be able to fix that car when I inevitably break it!

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    With Hobbs in a 73 Datsun 1200 coupe (my first car) with a lightly worked SR20DET

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    Rolls Royce Wraith with Gal Gadot sounds dreamy

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    In the back of a Bently limo with Gal Gadot and with Statham driving (he is the Transporter after all).

    BTW I just realised I pretty much refer to all F&F characters by the names of their actors e.g. Paul Walker's character, The Rock's character, Vin Diesel etc.

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    In a Veilside RX7 with Han.

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    Nissan Skyline R34 GTR with Paul Walker

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    In a Nissan GT-R with Brian O'Conner (R.I.P. Paul Walker)

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    In the batmobile with shaw. He'll be me bri'ish butler en it.

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    Ford mustang with Han to see him in his prime

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    Dominic Toretto in his 1970 Dodge Charger R/T because I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters.

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    The Rock seems like a genuinely nice guy, so as long as the car seats could slide back far enough to fit that mountainous dude in then he'd be cool to hang out with. Have to go with an Aston Martin, performance but with a touch of luxury.

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    1980 Lambretta William Voiturette Van aka Pat 1 aka Postman Pat's Red Van. I'd team up with Tej Parker because he seems chill, and when you're delivering action-packed mail, you need someone calm and collected.

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    Valiant Charger with Ludacris

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    Jet powered rocket car across the Mojave desert with Justin Bieber strapped to the hood!

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    Black Honda S2000 with NOS with Johnny Tran

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    Rolling with michelle Rodriguez in a children’s mustang pedal car sounds pretty awesome to me

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    Up the Crown Range in an 80's Toyota Carolla with m'dude the Rock Johnson.

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    With Brian O'Conner in Doc Browns Delorean. Go to Nov 30th 2013, and tell Paul Walker not to get into any Porche driven by a friend with a heavy foot.

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    This drawn? Who are the lucky buggers?

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    GeneralZod wrote:
    This drawn? Who are the lucky buggers?