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    Wifi extender issues

    So my Linksys RE6500 wifi extender started playing up yesterday. It worked perfectly for over a month until then.

    The first issue is when I connect it wirelessly to my TV via the 5GHz channel it says its connected but Netflix, Lightbox, TVNZ On Demand etc say that there's no internet connection.
    It works fine when connected to the 2.4GHz channel via the extender.

    Second issue is that my PS4 is connected to it via ethernet cable but it no longer connects so I have to connect wirelessly either to the 5GHz channel directly from the router which is a couple of rooms aways or the 2.4Ghz channel via the router or extender.

    It seems to be there's obviously some issue with the extender as everything works perfectly when connected to the actual router. I've tried resetting both the router and extender & toggling the wireless settings off & on but to no avail.

    Do you guys have any ideas?


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    just managed to fix this. just had to factory reset the extender & setup everything from scratch which I should've tried earlier lol