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    Msi b450 tomahawk do i need to upgrade bios ?

    Little bit confused , my motherboard arrived and it states that its ryzen 3000 ready , but with all the confusion over the bios and 3000 series with b450 boards. im unsure whether i need to upgrade this bios using "flash bios" function , or if its good to go out of the box and i just whack in a 3000 series cpu ?

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    dont think so, looks like you got a new board

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    50/50 chance, it just won't boot if not, correct? So no big deal either way.

    From what I understand the new MSI boards with updated BIOS chips were supposed to have MAX in the name.
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    I think this is a pre-updated non-MAX. Great board choice anyway.

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    either way, just shove the usb in and flash if it's not.