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    Bosch front loader washing machine filter issues

    Warning: bit of a rant.

    I bought a bosch frontend washing machine about a year ago now, not the cheapest Bosch, but not the top range either.

    Now this washing machine has absolutely pissed me off since I got it, don't get me wrong, it runs really well but the design seems absolutely retarded and designed to fail.

    So any hairclips will go through the pipes down to the filter pump at the bottom, if enough hairclips accumulate in there then you can't open the filter cap to clean it out, you have to pay someone $100 to fix it. I can live with that as my fault, although I still think it silly that the washing machine allows this to happen.

    Now the latest issue, hair and lint has accumulated on the root of the pump fan that it now gives me pump drainage errors. How the hell is the filter not catching the hair? Plus it's a real pain to get the hair out.

    Ill try contact Bosch or my dealer tomorrow. But do you think this is not fit for purpose under the consumers guarantees act?

    Tldr: washing machine has drainage problems as somehow the hair/lint gets on/behind the pump fan. Do you think this falls under not fit for purpose under consumers guarantee act?

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    Why are you washing hair clips?

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    gneiss wrote:
    Why are you washing hair clips?
    Hahaha if only I had a choice.

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    gneiss wrote:
    Why are you washing hair clips?
    That's what I was going to post but decided not to.

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    top loader master race

    taking more than an hr to do laundry = lol

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    I heard my cousin ranting about his bosch front loader a couple of days ago. His complaint was it didn't wash the clothes well enough. Not sure if he had any technical issues with it.

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    Necriss wrote:
    top loader master race

    taking more than an hr to do laundry = lol
    Mine can do laundry in an hour or less, although I wonder if the efficiency benefits of front loaders are gone when in high speed mode.
    Sadly I don't have space for a top loader at my current place.

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    Front loaders rock.

    Hope this helps.

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    How many hair clips are we talking? Like 5, or 70?

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    sounds more like user error TBH !! We have had a Bosch front loader for 4 years now ... zero issues !!

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    Bosch washing machine expert here. Turns out if you don't put hair clips in the load they won't get stuck and cause you problems.
    Hope this helps.

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    AlDrag wrote:
    hairclips hairclips hair hair hair
    I think I found your problem.

    here is the solution

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    If you want a wash, get a Bosch. That's my stance on the matter.