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WoW Classic Realm&Faction

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Arugal - Horde
26 50.00%
Arugal - Alliance
17 32.69%
Remulos - Horde
3 5.77%
Remulos - Alliance
6 11.54%
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    Arugal Horde this time, #RIP GnomeWarlock haha, Hello *Race* Warlock (Still unsure haha)

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    Add me, HighOnP#1420

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    spoot wrote:
    Hi Jezd Long time
    Yeah long time alright. How's things? This adulting stuff is cool, but also appreciate the old days

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    I still have a pvp video of Jezd Warrior and Xahls Warrior somewhere, amoung many more

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    Blitz^ wrote:
    I still have a pvp video of Jezd Warrior and Xahls Warrior somewhere, amoung many more
    And what great videos they were

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    phalanX! wrote:
    Alliance, anyone from Blackrock, R18, HitSquad around?

    Jezd the Warrior? You had some great videos. I was the Druid at 2min in Jezddd healing you..
    This makes me want to play Classic..

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    Ahhhhh such fond memories! Was a blast, I was such a nooblet for so long. I remember the first time I used Fortified and was like why is my HP bar "losing" health...

    I am great Jezd, got 2 little boys with a 3rd due shortly and a awesome wife with a mint job in paradise. I can see the beach out of my window at work so saweeet.

    Gaming wise, been playing WoW on and off over the years. Maxed all classes in Legion to 110 and cleared the heroic raids and a few easier mythic bosses.

    Enjoying BFA so have all bar pally up to 120 and geared for heroic raids. My "main" is 3/8M which is pretty much the wall boss and think I am done with that grind. Hes 440 gear so not much to do there.

    I tried classic and cant be stuffed with that slow grind. I am all about instant gratification now.

    I played a ton of CSGO too last 4 years and loved PUBG OCE FPP.


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    Lol, I've spent 7 years playing World of Warcraft...

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    Wow not only do they boost you, they unlock classes that aren't even available!