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WoW Classic Realm&Faction

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Arugal - Horde
7 36.84%
Arugal - Alliance
10 52.63%
Remulos - Horde
0 0%
Remulos - Alliance
2 10.53%
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    The GP Forum WoW Classic Poll

    Please vote which option matches you!!!!

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    Arugal horde! Nothing beats an undead rogue.
    In other news, I managed to log in today and reserved 'Vincent' for my rogue. Pretty stoked to finally get the name without having to use macrons and shit.

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    I wanna go horde but alliance has so many things that i like that i have to give up - aesthetics/cities/flight points/zones/paladins on team/gnomes/opening random portal to darnasus

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    I'll be on Arugal - Alliance.. been Horde for a while now, going back to the good ol feels from vanilla

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    Yeah I wanted alliance.

    But everyone else going horde so yeah. I do enjoy how aesthetically pleasing everything is.

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    Alliance PVE because that's where my friends are going

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    Alliance, Night Elf Hunter

    Looking forward to Shadowmeld + Aimed Shot shenanigans.

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    Most likely Arugal Horde

    My first character back in the day was a Human Warlock so I'm almost tempted to roll alliance just for the nostalgia, but the horde races are just so much cooler imo

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    Arugal Alliance names reserved, leave booked, ready to go!