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    Biohazard wrote:
    Mcfadden leaving has had some kind of negative impact seeing as our attack this year has been pretty poor and the raiders are top 4
    How good is their fullback as well.

    Oh wait.

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    Only the Warriors would hire such a dud of a coach in the first place lol. Really think its time he got given the boot. Apart from a decent season last year they really haven't progressed much under him & a lot of his decisions are pretty perplexing.
    Fortunately he got an extension though.

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    lmao yeah let's give the guy with a 30% win record an extension cos that's such a recipe for success lol. He's lucky the Warriors picked him up cos every other team would be avoiding him like the plague lol.

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    I think he's definitely got some strengths in certain areas but lacks a lot in other crucial areas of being a coach. Someone said earlier that the club is a lot more professional now and the culture has had a massive shift which you can credit to Kearny. He seems to be in tune with the players day to day but jesus christ his interchange management and team selections at times are so perplexing.

    Our attacking plays are quite sluggish as well lately, playing with a bit too much depth in our structure which gives the opposition time to rush us on defence or squeeze us on the fringes

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    Time for guys like Perham/Frei/Curran to get a solid run in the last three games.

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    Last year, cowboys were shit coz they had Todd Payton, this year our attack coach is Todd Payton.

    I also think we missed tohu a lot this year, same with levaha pulu.

    Getting rid of Ligi is also terrible because he's actually good.

    I think the people that need to go are Jazz, Lessan, Paasi, papaili and Bunty.

    They just haven't been where they were last season and they didnt win the grand final last year, but you always expect them to get better the following year right? Not go backwards.
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    holocaust wrote:
    Last year, cowboys were shit coz they had Todd Payton, this year our attack coach is Todd Payton.
    Oh I didnt know that. Its pretty clear to me the whole club has a culture of mediocrity from the top down. Why do they keep hiring these mediocre people & somehow expecting the club to be successful? They need to somehow attract people at the top of their game with proven records not duds like Kearney etc.