GP Fantasy NBA League 2019-20

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    GP Fantasy NBA League 2019-20

    OK league is set up and invites have gone out to last year's managers.

    I will also take expressions of interest from anyone who wants to join in case there are any vacancies.

    Changes from last year:
    1. There is now only 1 C starter slot
    2. Reduced the bench slots to 4
    3. Added 1 IL slot
    4. Finals have been moved forward 1 week to week 19
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    Mac can have my spot.

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    Bring the ruckus

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    Waiting on 5 managers to re-join -let me know if you haven't received your invite or have changed emails...

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    Waiting on 3 managers...

    Also I have replaced the removed C slot with a Util slot and removed any kind of veto on trades -so go crazy

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    I've draft this year?

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    D'angelo wrote:
    I've draft this year?
    Nah -offline so you have time to think about your picks and don't have any excuses

    Besides this is also to help kill time before the season starts.

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    How many GMs have confirmed and who are we waiting on?

    NBA season starts October 22nd so plenty of time...but obviously a bit fun to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later.

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    Waiting on Slashers and REVEAL -I have PM'd them Slashers is still deciding and I have had no response from REVEAL

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    I'm in bro


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    REVEAL <HonDA> wrote:
    I'm in bro

    So accept the invitation that was emailed or the link I PM'd you

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    I can already tell it's going to be one of those drafts

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    A wait for Reveal to make his pick drafts? Isn't it always?

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    mofozilla wrote:
    A wait for Reveal to make his pick drafts? Isn't it always?
    Hahahaha it just wouldn't be a GP Fantasy League without me being slack lol

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    Looks like Slashers is out -we need to find a replacement.

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    It looks like none of the other NBA regulars want to join so we will go with WakeForest's mate to make up the 12.

    Just waiting for them to accept the invite and we can make a start.

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    Got a full house now....

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    Guys, just let me pick the entire rockets roster and see what happens

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    I'm having all kinds of problems with the forums timing out.

    This is the official draft thread:

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    Made my pick, not sure if krayzie kiwi is a GP user or not so haven't PM'ed anyone.

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    keeptabs needs to keep tabs on where we at. Did he get a PM?

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    KAT @ #2 is intredasting

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    mac-one-oh wrote:
    keeptabs needs to keep tabs on where we at. Did he get a PM?
    I've emailed him through Yahoo -we'll give him a bit of time since I only just told everybody the draft has started...

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    keeptabs = glass ankles curry?

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    *sigh* is everybody else ready to go?

    Can you please post here so I know?

    If everyone else is ready apart from keeptabs we might just give him Curry and move on.