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    Does anyone play iracing? Looking for gpu bench

    Im looking to update my brothers rig for his iracing simulator.

    As such I am trying to find a benchmark to see what of the latest graphics are best handled by this game.

    Henos running VR. Please help

    2060 or 5700xt

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    Its unlikley iRacing itself will be benchmarked outside of SimRacing specific forums, and since the 5700 XT is quite new that might take a while. Id find VR benchmarks in general and compare, because IRacing isn't a particuarly intensive game compared to other VR titles.

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    The 5700xt is overall faster than the 2060 and 2070 so it should perform better

    Its also worth noting that this is done with the stock cooler on the 5700xt so aftermarket are likely to give slightly better results

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    iRacing is highly CPU sensitive also.

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    Hey. So when you mention it's cpu sensitive what is it sensitive too.

    On an older forum I read that high single core performance was massively needed. Therefore single core overclock was a must

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    However recently I read that with developments in the game it needs a new multicore bump. So does that mean a 6 core will be better or a 4 core beast? I7 7700k vs ryzen 3600?

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    CPU sensitive in regards to individual CPU clocks, rather than how many cores.

    The 3600 is an all-round great CPU and at an amazing price point, I'd go with that if you were choosing between both of them.