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    So I just learned about Frantz Fanon

    I have been reading up on Pol Pot's regime in Cambodia, because so much about it blows me away - his willingness to murder anyone who didn't agree with him, his massive xenophobia, especially towards the Vietnamese which puts a lie to the idea that workers around the world were united in their oppression, how he basically destroyed the fabric of his country for some fantasy of an agrarian utopia. (Such a good track record of agrarian utopias, so far in the "Nature vs. communist idealists" stakes, Nature's leading 2 - nil)

    I've purchased a really good book on Saloth Sar/Pol Pot's rise to power - called How Pol Pot Came To Power by Ben Kiernan, and basically, a great majority of the leadership of the CPK studied in France, and were in close contact with the French Communist Party, if not card carrying members.

    And then reading up on that led me to this influential "post-colonial Marxist": Frantz Fanon.

    And what chilled me while reading up on him on good ol' Wikipedia was this one particular sentence:

    In defence of the use of violence by colonized peoples, Fanon argued that human beings who are not considered as such (by the colonizer) shall not be bound by principles that apply to humanity in their attitude towards the colonizer.

    It explains so much about the thought processes of a lot of anti-colonial rebellions, and well, just scares the shit out of me, the moral justification of dehumanising the enemy because "they did it first".

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    Most of my extended family are Khmer refugees that came to NZ about 40-45 years ago. Over the last 30 odd years I've heard some heartbreaking (horrifying) stories that just questions the notion of humanity.

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    yeah , you get similar attitudes everywhere, ie, if you are not one of us you must be X or Y etc and thus civility etc need not apply while i build this new civil world etc. All parts of humanity employ this kind of mental labeling, it is a lazy short cut to alleviate stress and allow easier course of action.

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    The course of actions were particularly horrific though, one friend saw her parents decapitated outside their home, one witnessed a women who got pregnant in a work camp get her baby cut out of her and hung on a fence while the mother bled out. Not to mention the plastic bag kids (because they weren't big enough to carry an AK).

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    well once you dehumanized yourself and your enemy and either 1. no longer care that they have a life, viewpoint or will possibly harm you or 2. the collective encourages you to do the deeds while explicitly refusal will result in the same happening to you , then humanity is capable of all kinds of atrocities. The online platforms make it even easier when you no longer even have to see your actions in person?